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hi :3 I don't really know what to put here :( Give me ideas!

Things I Do

I mainly run servers and websites, but there's a couple things that I do around the internet where you can find me. :)


I'm the lead developer for BakaBot v2.0.

Lots of other things

I do so many things uwu, let me know if you think that there's something that I should put here! (Free advertising!!!1)

Free advertising?

A certain 'lisp' on Lainchan.org IRC has notified me that the above text saying "Free advertising!!!1" above is fraudulent. Although I had originally intended for that space to be for projects that I'm working on, and for people to let me know that I should have put something that I've worked on there, I will stay true to it and allow people to submit things for me to put in the following area. Please note that items submitted will only be posted below at my discretion. This is mainly because I have nothing else to do with this website, nor anything else constructive to do with the time that I have on my hands.

Here's a novel, interactive machine code development tool: http://verisimilitudes.net/2017-07-07